Scrip Card Orders

The beauty of this program is it requires no work for you and raises money from the purchases you are already making!

While most of the time we think of gift cards as the plastic cards in our wallets that isn’t always the case.  Many gift cards are now available in ecards through the Shop with Scrip Program.  Consider buying gift cards for your everyday purchases to places like Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Home Depot.  When you buy the ecards they are emailed to you within minutes to be pulled up on your phone (or printed) and used at the store.

Here is how you can use the app to start making your ecard purchases.

Download the RaiseRight by ShopWithScrip app (it has 2 hearts intertwining)
Create an account  (Enrollment Code:  8AE3LA7161921)
Start shopping!!  This flyer gives you more info on how you will pay and to set up your payment accounts.

For assistance contact Vanessa Birchler #74430 at or 618-698-6907