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The purpose of the Senate Outreach Activation Retention (S.O.A.R.) program is
to promote fellowship among Senators and to encourage participation and involvement
of Senators in USJCI and Illinois Senate programs and projects in order to increase involvement
along with the activation and retention of the members and non-members of the USJCI
The following activities will support the purpose of the S.O.A.R program:
First Timers Program

New Senators
JCI Senatorship throughout the year
Provide information related to the USJCI Senate National, Region and State

Outreach, Activation and Retention

My Jaycee Story
 Solicit Senators to provide a story about the greatest gift or impact they
received from their Jaycee experience
 Limit of 250 words per story
 Stories to be shared with JCI USA and others within the USJCI Senate via
the Mentors magazine
o Support of the USJCI Senate JCI USA Liaison
 Support of any programs or projects submitted or initiated throughout
the year
 Support of JCI USA local and state organizations

Contact Marilyn Burton #55106

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