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“Destination Friendship”

I am excited to serve as the 55th Illinois JCI Senate President for the 2021-22 year.

The Illinois Senate is the largest membership state in the country and to serve as your President is truly an honor.

If you are a Senator, newly recognized or previously active, we welcome you to our activities. I would encourage you to come out, check us out and connect with friends both new and old. We hold four meetings a year the first of which is the Annual picnic in July. The picnic kicks off the Senate year and provides all Senators’ an opportunity to see the newly elected Board Members installed into their office.

As a Senator, we also have the opportunity to attend functions throughout the US or stay closer to ‘home’ with our Region V friends (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan). So, if you see something you would like to attend, contact me letting me know your interests. I can make sure you are put in touch with other Illinois Senators that are attending the same function.

For our organization to grow we need you. I encourage you to come out and see what we are all about. We are a fun and friendly group and always welcome new faces.




Lynne McGill #70364
Lifetime Member #792
55th Illinois JCI Senate President
Destination Friendship