Lost Senator Scholarship


Over the years there has been a member of the Jaycees that made a difference in their local, state and national organizations plus their community. This individual has since roostered out of the organization but was never recognized for their involvement and accomplishments with a JCI Senatorship.  The Illinois Senate has established a program that can assist with recognizing those individuals.  The following is a list of the criteria that needs to be met along with an application that will need to be completed.

A. Committee chairperson shall accept application for Senatorship consideration any time during the current administration with a deadline of April 1, so approval can be made and presentation of Senatorship is completed by annual picnic. Send completed application to:

Marilyn Burton #55106
2308 W. Madera Court
Peoria, IL 61614                                            or                mkbph@comcast.com

B. Nominations may be submitted by any member of the Illinois JCI Senate who shall present such nomination to the committee. All applicants must meet the JCI/USA criteria for membership and applications must be completed and signed by the appropriate individuals. Nominee must have been out of the Jaycees for minimum of 5 years for consideration.

C. Should the nominee’s chapter still be active within the guidelines of the JCI/USA, they are not eligible for consideration under this program.

D. Recommendations for funding shall be by a majority of the committee and will then be forwarded to the Illinois JCI Senate Executive Committee for approval through a majority vote.

E. A maximum of two such JCI Senatorships may be awarded during any administrative year.

F. The cost of the application may be funded by:

  • Existing Chapters/Regions
  • Jaycee Contributions
  • Spouse of Nominee
  • Illinois Senate Friends
  • Illinois JCI Senate Funds

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact any member of the committee for assistance.   Scholarship Application