The Next 50 Years

51st President Marilyn Burton #55106 (Peoria/Springfield)
2017-2018 brought us “Owliver” ( a stuffed owl traveling companion and icon for her year) and the theme “Gain Knowledge-Build Understanding”. Marilyn was the first single woman elected to serve as President. Emphasis was on understanding the Jaycees while involving new Senators and utilizing the wisdom of experienced Senators. The year started with the 50th Anniversary/Summer Picnic held at the Wyndham-Springfield on the hottest weekend of the year. The Fall Meeting was held in Bloomington-Normal at the Marriott and the Winter Meeting was held at the Decatur Conference Center. The four Poker fundraiser sessions held in 2018 in Savoy were very successful, earning above the proposed goal of $1,000 each. IL JCI Senate did a great job hosting the Region V Spring Fling, again at the Wyndham-Springfield, but with NVP Ray Ainslie #44136 watching during the banquet via Skype from his hospital bed two blocks away. The National Convention was a wonderful event held in Pittsburgh, PA (in “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”). Marilyn was one of only two Presidents who were selected to serve the year on a US JCI Senate Committee (Convention & Bid Review). Marilyn was selected as an Outstandig State President and the State was recognized for outstanding RTF and Road Run Programs. Gary Pittenger # 24804 was recognized for Outstanding Appointed Officer with the “Ron Robinson Memorial Award” and Ray Ainslie #44136 was recognized as the Outstanding National Vice President with the “Donnie Alvis Memorial Award”. Other Presidential travel, besides the Region V 2017 Summer Tour, included Region VII-Pigeon Forge and Region IV-Myrtle Beach. Hall of fame inductee was Jim Dimitroff #36997 of DuQuoin. The year closed with a fun Summer Picnic held at the Ramada-North in Springfield with strong committee work from South Central Senators.


52nd President Bill Patterson # 47979 (Park Forest)